Saturday 10, Dec 2016

Bassett Army Hospital's Decontamination Team

The Decontamination Team at the Bassett Army Community Hospital is selected in a variety of ways.
Typically, individuals are chosen from throughout the hospital.
Recruiting from more than one section of the hospital allows the group to have a diversity of skills and more people can receive the education.
The Decon Team doesn't receive contaminated patients frequently but when they do, they see patients with petroleum products or household items like bleach.

Noel Wien Library's New Digital Catalog System "Enterprise" Opens Up New Library Experience

Today The Fairbanks North Star Borough Libraries began using a new "Enterprise" catalog and digital downloadable movies and music service called "Hoopla".
Local libraries like the Noel Wien Library have started using the new catalog search.
"Enterprise" provides an all-in-one experience for library patrons to be able to search for physical materials on the shelves, e-books, and audiobooks.
Until now, it was harder to locate any library materials on one search engine.

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Invites All Denominations To Unity Outreach Event

There will be a musical fellowship service Friday evening at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church on Peger Road.

The church is hosting the event for 'Unity Outreach' which is chaired by Sister Barbie Baumgartner.
The event starts at 7 p.m. this Friday, and all churches have been invited to take part.
Sister Barbie is gearing up to return to Costa Rica for her outreach ministry abroad.

Fugitive On U.S. Most Wanted List Arrested At Fairbanks International Airport

A fugitive from the "U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Most Wanted" list was arrested by Airport Police Officers at around 4 a.m. Monday morning.
Kevin Trask was federally indicted in 2012 for possession and distribution of child pornography.
The investigation out of San Francisco, California revealed that Trask was involved in sharing more than 700 images and 10 videos of child exploitation; some of which are said to involve sex acts with toddlers.

Jose Galindo: Guilty On Two Of Three Sexual Assault Charges

It was mixed emotions in the court room today when the verdict came in - Not Guilty, guilty and guilty for the three charges against the Fairbanks man accused of rape and running from police back in 2013.
46-year-old Jose Galindo was found guilty of one of the two counts of sex assault, and was also found guilty of criminal trespassing.
Charging documents report that Galindo had allegedly assaulted a woman in his apartment after they had been out drinking.
When she called police he fled, leaving a trail in the snow, and was eventually apprehended in a nearby garage.

Fairbanks, North Pole And Borough Reps Join State Legislators To Discuss 2017 Budgets, Priorities

Last night, state legislators met with representatives of The Fairbanks North Star Borough, the City of Fairbanks, and the City of North Pole.
Some of the issues brought to the discussion by The Fairbanks North Star Borough concerned programmatic funding, which includes enhancing the home heating appliance exchange program, as well as the Residential Heating Conversion Loan Program.
Some of the Legislative Priorities were Removing Marijuana from the Schedule of controlled substances, PERS budget pressures on Borough taxpayers, and amending the public record act.

Mike Kelly, Former State Representative, Dies In Plane Crash Outside Of Fairbanks

Former Alaska State Representative, Mike Kelly, has been confirmed dead, when a small airplane he piloted crashed outside of Fairbanks on Wednesday afternoon.
According to Alaska State Trooper dispatch, Fairbanks Flight Service reported a downed aircraft at 1:32 p.m. Wednesday, 17 miles Southeast of Fairbanks.
A military helicopter was flying in the area when Kelly's plane went down just inside of Fort Wainwright property.
The airplane's emergency beacon was activated, and military personnel responded, confirming that Kelly was deceased.