Sunday 26, Feb 2017

Sports Headlines

Yukon Quest: Top Ten Finish, Red Lantern Heading Out Of Two Rivers

We're still getting some finishers in the 2017 Yukon Quest.
Ryne Olson came in last night around 9:30 p.m. to finish in 9th place, while Dave Dalton came in around 2:00 this afternoon to round out our top 10.
We have four racers on their way into town from the Two Rivers Checkpoint.

Rob Cooke is leading the pack while Brian Wilmshurst and Sabastien Dos Santos Borges are both right on his tail.
Those three are quickly approaching town and should be finishing at some point tonight or very early tomorrow.

Ben Good appears to have the Red Lantern Secured as he just finished his mandatory 8-hour layover at the Two Rivers Checkpoint this afternoon.
He's at the tail-end of the pack and will most likely be carrying the Red Lantern as the final racer to cross the finish line and bring the 2017 Yukon Quest to a close.