Sunday 26, Feb 2017

Local Headlines

Govenor Walker Issues Public Health Disaster For Opioid Use In Alaska

Today in Juneau, Governor Bill Walker issued a public health disaster declaration due to opioid abuse in Alaska.

Opioids are pain relieving drugs that activate in the nervous system. One of the most common opioid drug addictions is heroin.

In the letter Walker wrote to the legislature, he mentioned the Alaska- based focus groups already established to deal with opioid abuse, but also pointed out that a lack of funds is effecting the distribution of naloxone.
Naloxone is a medicine that blocks and reverses the effects of opioid medications, and may prevent an overdose in a medical emergency.

Walker wants to pursue a 4.1 million dollar federal grant that runs over five years, saying it's a short term fix, while adding there would still need to be a long term resolution.