Sunday 26, Feb 2017

Local Headlines

Fairbanks Resident Robert Mulford Speaks On Senate Write-In Campaign

Local resident Robert Mulford filed a write-in campaign with the Alaska Division of Elections to run for U.S. Senator in the 2016 November General Election.
Mulford decided to run for U.S. Senator the day the Borough, State, and City held the Military Appreciation Day which included the F-35 fighter jets.
The economic reason Mulford is opposed to F-35's is because he views the spending on such militarism as a waste of money.
He believes the money should be reinvested into the well-being of communities such as the teaching of non-violence in schools, education, and better infrastructure in the city.
Mulford is using his write-in campaign to try to unseat Senator Lisa Murkowski.
According to Mulford, he believes everyone deserves a chance to have their voice heard, and a chance for voters to decide to stand up for economic well-being, rather than pushing towards more acts of violence.