Sunday 26, Feb 2017

Local Headlines

Alaska Electors Cast Presidential Votes For Donald Trump

Alaska's three Republican electors have cast their votes for President-elect Donald Trump.
Trump won Alaska, beating Democrat Hillary Clinton by nearly 47,000 votes in last month's general election.

That meant Alaska's three electoral votes were to be cast by the three Republican electors chosen to represent their party: former Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, Carolyn Leman and Jacqueline Tupou.
State law requires political parties to secure a pledge from each of their electors to support their parties' candidates.
That means, in this case, the Republican electors were to be committed to Trump and Vice President- elect Mike Pence.
The law does not include any penalties for electors who might not adhere that pledge.
Alaska's electors were among the Republicans nationally who were inundated with pleas to cast their ballots for someone else.