Lathrop Teacher Receives Presidential Award In Math And Sciences

One Lathrop High School Teacher has been selected to receive a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching from the National Science Foundation. 33–year–old Christopher Benshoof was selected as one of four teachers in the state to receive the award. Benshoof teaches a variety of math, statistics, and computer science classes at Lathop. He was nominated for the award in 2014 by a former student of his, Christine Frandsen.

GVEA Addresses Possible Rate Increases

Golden Valley Electric Association is holding rate review meetings to discuss any rate increases. GVEA has been conducting cost analysis studies since 2013.
In the meetings, they will be sharing what they have learned from the studies with members, and the members will be able to give feedback.
The discussion is still in the preliminary stages, so no decisions about the rates have been made yet.
There is a meeting in Healy tonight; and then tomorrow night, a meeting will be held in Fairbanks at the Noel Wein Library, beginning at 6:30.